Friday, July 7

orchestra of bubbles

"-she drives a little maroon car to the seminar of Modern Romance.
possible possible ideas for a date include... a shooting range.
and her chest is full to bursting thougths of an evening. nobody nobody nobody has ever known her longing."


Anonymous chipironpompom said...

que???y yo que pensaba que sabia me he enterado de nada.agur

Blogger Rick said...

Me ha pasado lo mismo y entonces he decidido llevarlo al típico traductor de inglés de estos de internet y me he quedado igual. No me entero de nada.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and then some other ideas, like running by the edge of the cliff of scissors, late that very night, when cats miaow to the valley of tears in the far distant and silent moon. morning comes in the dream before she rises, and she lingers and watches the light strips. never, never wonders when again.

Anonymous malamuller said...

"She has a heart that will never melt", googe says (¿has pintado el coche de marrón?, digo yo ;)

Anonymous malamuller said...

oops, googe no dice nada, es google el que dice lo del corazón inderretible...

Blogger Lucy said...

malamuller, :D
ahí le has dado! de marrón no, de granate (aunque eso es lo de menos). ah pero google no eh, ese no sabe lo que dice. esa parte hay que saltársela.


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